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In Machinal I wanted to help support the director's vision of this great machine in which the young woman is a cog, nonconforming and eventually removed. We start and end the story with the sound of the machine ever going. The sound system was comprised of 12 channels of control allowing for very specific surround sound moments and ultra realistic emphasis. See comments below for scene specifics.

Pre-show consisted of a 36 min composition created using random sounds from hardware and machines. As we progressed towards the start of the show, the machine would accelerate its work. This is a shortened version.

In the ending of Machinal we prerecorded all of the reporters' and priest's lines. This gave us the ability to utilize strategically placed speakers behind the audience, giving the sense that the reporters were whispering within the audience. The sequence is finished off with the machine reseting.

In the ending of Episode 7 we prerecorded all of the lines. This gave us the artistic ability to move into the Young Woman's mind. Utilizing the 12 channels of surround sound, each voice came from a different location in the theater. At the end of the scene the voices become disorienting to the audience.

I created a composition out of office machinery for Episode 1. The director took this composition and choreographed the scene to the rhythms and tempo. The lines were delivered in the same tempo and rhythm as the composition. Midway through we morph into the Young Woman's mind and snap back.


Millikin University

Director: Denise Myers

Scenic Designer: Barbara Mangrum

Costume Designer: Jana Henry Funderburk

Sound Designer: Chris Wood

Light Designer: Kelly Lipsey

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